Personalised Summer Classes

If our dates do not match up to your vacation or business trip or fit into any of our special offers then we can personalise sessions just for you. Capitalise on this one-on-one tuition, designed to meet the linguistic, professional, social and cultural needs of individual students or companies.

And you do not have to miss out on the cultural activities, as these can be tailored to suit your needs.


All fees are required before the start of classes.


All students will receive a Course Completion Letter. Students who pass the examination will receive a Certificate of Proficiency in English as a Foreign Language.

Application Steps

  1. Complete the application form and sign it (click to download form).
  2. Scan and email the form to us. Our Email address is
  3. Scan and email all the Admission documents to us.
  4. We will send you the Acceptance Letter and host family information.