General Conversation Language Courses

Spanish • French • German • Italian • Portuguese • Chinese

You are planning to go on a cruise and one of the destinations is Guadeloupe …

You are retired and are making that long awaited trip to Paris with an onward journey to Madrid. Why not take in Lisbon, Rome, Frankfurt, Beijing even…

You want to take back up that language which you loved so much at school …

Your job often requires travel and occasionally you interact with persons who speak a language other than English and you want to communicate with them …

Whatever the reason, whatever the language – French, German, Italian, Spanish and once again Portuguese and Mandarin, the Barbados Language Centre offers you the ideal environment to meet your language learning needs.

With a cadre of highly trained native or near native speakers, our state of the art fully air-conditioned facility, access to the latest technologies in language learning and classes delivered either in face to face mode,on campus), blended (part online and part face to face) or fully online the Barbados Language Centre provides the ideal environment for language learning.

  • Our approach is communicative – you start to speak and hear the language from the first class.
  • Our ideal strategy is a blended approach – you come to campus once a week for a two hour session and your other interactions are online.

We have small classes assuring almost individualized approach. We provide the ideal environment for language learning. Whereas all languages are offered we reserve the right to cancel classes that are under-subscribed. So bring a friend and come.

Start date: 09 September 2024
Deadline for applications: 30 August 2024
Cost: $500 for the equivalent of 120 hours. (payable per semester – two installments of $250.00,less than $5 an hour)
Registration/ID card: $15.00
Texts:  No required text. Either OER (free online resources) or online material
BLC experienced tutors trained in face to face and online delivery.

Spanish and French Language for Candidates preparing for the Caribbean Examination’s Council CSEC examination

The CSEC French and Spanish courses are ideal for persons preparing for the upcoming CSEC Examinations in French and Spanish. Persons who successfully complete these courses will be exempted on request from FRNH and SPNH 100 courses in the Associate Degree programme Languages for Business and Tourism. Persons who are interested in a refresher especially from a grammar perspective are welcome to sign up as well. Topics covered include: Home and Family, School and Career, Daily activities, Sports and Hobbies.

Cost: $450.00

Registration/ID Card: $15

Class Times: On campus days – Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4.00 – 5.30 pm

Start date: 10 September 2024

Registration ends: August 30 2024

All classes will be delivered in blended mode. Class will not be offered if under-subscribed


Applications can be completed online here.

Applications can be downloaded here.

For more information contact the Barbados Language Centre at 426-2858 Ext 5238 or or 5325 or email•