I’m a French student. A few years ago I couldn’t speak English. After two years in the EFL program I’m able to have a conversation, watch any series or movies I want in English! It gave me the will to change my purpose in life, today I want to become a teacher and give back to my country what I have learnt … The teachers are great, and the course is very interesting ... Being bilingual is definitely an asset in life.
- - Ms Yolina Johanna Bonnet, 22, French Guyana

Why Pursue Languages?

Delve into the exciting world of foreign languages in the Barbados Language Centre! Did you know that when our Spanish, French, German and Italian friends say Hola, Bonjour, Guten Tag and Salve, they are saying Hello? You can become fluent in another language as a student with us.


Since 1981, the Barbados Language Centre has taught hundreds of students these four languages as well as Chinese and Portuguese. Former students work in several sectors locally, regionally and even internationally. Tourism employees and officials, educators, government representatives and others in varied areas of business have the Centre to thank for the opportunities presented to them after their minds were challenged to embrace languages.

In essence, the Centre has met its mandate as reflected in its mission statement and is continually growing to ensure it meets ever-changing global needs.


  • To develop oral proficiency in foreign languages in the public sector and among the general public of Barbados
  • To train employees in tourism and other business areas to communicate in foreign languages
  • To upgrade the oral proficiency, teaching methodology, and cultural awareness of foreign language teachers in educational institutions


To act as a focal point to promote and support language-learning activities in Barbados, deliver quality foreign language services and foster an appreciation of other cultures.