I’m a French student. A few years ago I couldn’t speak English. After two years in the EFL program I’m able to have a conversation, watch any series or movies I want in English! It gave me the will to change my purpose in life, today I want to become a teacher and give back to my country what I have learnt … The teachers are great, and the course is very interesting ... Being bilingual is definitely an asset in life.
- - Ms Yolina Johanna Bonnet, 22, French Guyana

Learning at the Barbados Language Centre

For you, the international students, preparing for success at the Barbados Language Centre means more than just learning the language; it will be a new cultural experience. You will have many questions about the culture and expectations of the college and the country which can be quite different to what you have been used to. There's a lot to get used to but remember …

  • To organise your study - both how you're going to do things and when.
  • To keep track of your timetables, room locations, deadlines and guidelines for assignments.
  • To ask for help. The experience staffs of the Barbados Language Centre and the college faculty are here to help.


Life on the campus can be fun and the College has a number of activities in which you can participate.

For full detail about the programme check out the EFL links.